Before and After Photos

                                           BEFORE                                                AFTER
 This 52 year old hygienist is thrilled with her new fantastic smile. She loves her broad smile and the fact that it is much easier to floss now. Her treatment time was only 18 months and she was treated without the extraction of adult teeth.

This 13 year old female finished with a FANTASTIC SMILE thanks to wearing braces at the Reading Orthodontic Group and some minor reshaping of teeth by Dr. Nat. Her occlusion is excellent and her smile speaks for itself. She wore braces for 28 months to eliminate her deep bite, cross-bite and moderate crowding. She did not have any adult teeth extracted. WOW! 
This 14 year old boy presented with bilateral openbites and was treated without jaw surgery or extractions of adult teeth. This was a very difficult case and now he has a FANTASTIC SMILE!
Sydney had a finger sucking habit and we recommended Mavala Stop. She was great painting this on her thumb nail every night and the habit was immediately eliminated. Then the teeth erupted and her openbite has been corrected. Sometimes when we eliminate the obstacle, Mother Nature is a pretty good orthodontist.
This 12 year old male patient received a significant improvement in his smile esthetic by wearing braces. The width of his smile grew significantly and now he has a FANTASTIC SMILE.  Note the excellent correction of his overbite.
 This 12 year old female patient had severe lower crowding and was treated in under 21 months without having to extract adult teeth. Notice the correction of the anterior deep bite too! She is thrilled with her “fantastic smile”.
 This 47 year old male wore braces for ONLY 8 months. Look at the great improvements in his smile.


 This 13 year old with severe crowding and impacted 12 year old molars ended up with an excellent occlusion and a FANTASTIC SMILE. Note that her upper right lateral was blocked out toward the tongue and couldn’t even be seen in her smile before treatment. We were also thrilled with the improvement of her facial profile.
 This adult male patient presented with a very deep bite (notice how we can’t see his lower teeth in his “before” picture) and a great amount of overjet (front teeth too far forward of lower. He wore braces and had mini-anchors in the roof of his mouth to help us create his new “fantastic smile”! He’s a happy guy now!
 This 13 year-old female has a fantastic smile and wore braces for only 17 months! She had crossbites and a slight openbite and now she has a beautiful occlusion and more importantly, a Fantastic Smile!
 This13 year old had a great improvement in her smile esthetics. WOW!
She has a fantastic smile!!!
This 11 year old male patient presented with moderate lower crowding and a deep bite in the front. He was treated to an excellent occlusion in just 15 months! Fantastic!! 
 This 13 year old female patient was treated without extracting any adult teeth in just 15 months. She now has a “fantastic smile”!
 We truly believe that the orthodontic treatment for this patient has created a more youthful look. Notice the correction of her deep overbite. This will help to reduce the wear on her enamel. She now has a fantastic smile!!
In just over 2 years, this adult female has a Fantastic Smile and fantastic bite.
 Her new bite will allow her to have healthy teeth for a lifetime!
 This 12 year-old female was treated with braces for 2 years at the Reading Orthodontic Group. We did not need to extract adult teeth and now she has a fantastic smile!

No extraction of adult teeth = a fantastic smile!!!
 This 13 year old male wore braces for 21 months. His severe deep bite was well correct and his smile is now FANTASTIC!
This 13 year old female finished with a FANTASTIC SMILE! At the start of treatment, her side teeth did not touch (buccal openbites) and her occlusion is excellent after wearing braces at the Reading Orthodontic Group.
This 33 year old female is thrilled with her new fantastic smile. Notice how there is a significant increase of tooth display in her smile when the upper arch is brought forward. This patient’s chewing function has greatly improved in addition to her esthetic change.
This 14 year old patient wore braces for 19 months. Her spaces are closed and her deep bite is corrected. She has a fantastic smile!
Although teeth were crooked at the start, this 11 year old female was treated in just 15 months without having to extract any adult teeth. She has a fantastic bite and an
excellent occlusion
 This 12 year old female presented with a very difficult malocclusion. She wore braces for
26 months and did not have any adult teeth extracted.  Her upper front teeth were brought down to close her bite and it also helped with her smile esthetics.  Before treatment her upper front teeth were hiding behind her upper lip.  Her V-shaped upper arch was
widened nicely.
These 42 year old patient wore clear aligners for her upper teeth only for 12 months and is thrilled with her new and improved smile.
This 13 year old female wore braces for 20 months. She has an absolutely fantastic smile. What a difference 20 months can make! We can’t take ALL the credit for how pretty she is, but we are happy to know that we played a part.