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About Smile for a Lifetime Foundation

ROG has an active chapter of Smile for a Lifetime Foundation because our doctors and team believe in giving back. The mission of S4L is to create self-confidence, inspire hope and change the lives of children in our community in a dramatic way. The gift of a smile can do all this for a deserving, underserved individual who, in turn, can use this gift to better themselves and their community. During treatment, we encourage scholarship recipients to participate in community service through a “pay it forward” program inspiring young people to participate in lifelong giving.

ROG is committed to serving at least 12 persons in our community per year.

Currently, there are 165 chapters serving 45 states across North America with movement to increase those numbers to more than 200 chapters, covering 50 states and Canada in the next five years. Each chapter commits to serve at least six or more young people, ages 11-18, annually. By the end of 2015, at least 1,200 young people will have received the gift of a smile with up to $6 million of orthodontic services donated.

Smile for a Lifetime Foundation is a non-profit, charitable organization comprised of local chapters throughout the country that provides quality orthodontic treatment for patients who may not have the opportunity to achieve a beautiful, straight smile without financial assistance.

The Smile for Life Foundation helps equip orthodontists with the resources necessary to develop a local Board of Directors that will specifically select individuals for orthodontic treatment.

If you would like to nominate someone for this awesome program, please have them click here to email Cristina, ROG’s S4L contact. If you are interested in this program for your child, please contact our office for a complimentary consultation. 610-374-4097

Click here for a Smile for a Lifetime application.

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