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Contrary to what you may think, braces do not have to hurt. There will be some soreness for a few days, and then it may take you a couple of weeks to adjust to wearing braces. You’ll still be able to play your favorite sports; in certain cases you may need to wear a mouth guard. You’ll also be able to play musical instruments, although it takes some time to get used to how it feels.

Here are some descriptions of the most common types of braces available:

Damon® Smile System Braces

The self-ligating Damon® System braces use a sliding mechanism to hold the wire in place. Since they use a slide instead of elastic or metal ties, your teeth move more freely. With fewer parts, the braces stay cleaner and are more comfortable. Damon® braces require fewer adjustments – which mean fewer visits to the doctor – and the treatment is faster than with traditional braces.

Damon® Smile Clear Braces

Damon® Clear braces are identical to the Damon® System braces, except that instead of metal, they use a clear sliding mechanism which blends beautifully with your teeth and conceals the wire. If you’re looking for a discreet alternative, Damon® Smile Clear braces are the perfect option. Damon® Clear braces are also extremely resistant to staining and discoloration.

Incognito™ Hidden Braces

ROG’s Dr. Mauro is an expert using Incognito™ braces, which are fitted on the back of your teeth, making them invisible from the outside. Thanks to advanced computer technology, the braces and wires are completely custom-made for your teeth, ensuring superior results and comfort. Since the braces are fitted at the back of your teeth, the risk of decalcification and damage to the front tooth surface is reduced, and they won’t interfere with your speech. The brackets are made of gold which makes them a perfect choice if you’re allergic to nickel.


Invisalign® is the best option if you’re looking for a discreet solution to straightening your teeth, making them ideal for working professionals. Invisalign® is a set of invisible, custom-made aligners that fit over your teeth. 3D imaging is used to develop a series of aligners for each stage of your treatment, which gradually shifts your teeth into the ideal position. Invisalign® trays are removable which holds many benefits such as cleaning your teeth properly. However, it’s extremely important aligners are only removed when it’s absolutely necessary, otherwise the treatment may not be as successful.

Benefits to Having Your Teeth Straightened

There are many benefits to having straight teeth as opposed to misaligned teeth. Here are a few examples of what straightened teeth can do for you:

  • A great smile can boost your confidence.
  • Straight teeth are easier to clean and keep free from plaque.
  • The risk of injury to protruded front teeth is reduced in the case of an accident.
  • Gums fit more securely around properly aligned teeth. When teeth are crowded or too widely spaced it can cause swollen, red gums, which can potentially cause periodontal problems.
  • An improper bite can cause many issues: Increased wear on the tooth enamel,
  • difficulty in chewing and speaking, and jaw problems.
  • Life is better with a FANTASTIC SMILE!

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